Hello all,I am glad to see that our attempt to revive this server and PW in general is paying off.In case you didn't know me and @Mustang and @maria also many others are trying to offer a new alternative to perfect world private servers, an alternative that is unique and non repetitive, an alternati
Hello, Everyone!I would like to wish you : Happy New Year! And may the new year bring you joy, health, love and wealth!You have no idea how much joy I have when I see this server active again. Patch content:- I have reset the top and territorial war maps.- I have uploaded all data files to make sure
Sinless Perfect world is now under a tone of Ice and Snow:- Christmas Event already stared on Sinless!Drops: * End game rare materials* Unique Title that grants you 250 on all stats. (The title is not timed, and it will be obtainable  only in this time of the year)* Flyers* Genies- New snow man eve
Hello,Since this server has more then one year online I decided it wroth another chance. I closed any donation events that we had and I will host such only on special occasion, I release that will give more value to our shop.I started advertising again for the server, AS you can see I didn't give up
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