General Guide - Forsaken Perfect World

General Guide

1) You can find all materials you need at Sinless Emissary.
2) Some thins are also under in Boutique - > Craft -> Materials

1) Sinless Emissary sales high level accessories for HOF

Weapon: (Here is up to you mostly)
1) Sinless Emissary Sells materials to craft any weapon for HOF.

1) Dig the little devils at the begining.

1) 350k Reputation is free you get it when you start.

1) Custom bless box is available for 12 hrs in Boutique

1) Buy it at Sinless Emissary with coins.

1) You get moonlight madness from Sinless Emissary

Reawakening and level:
1) You get level 100 for free with second Reawakenings just talk to Sinless Emissary and buy them with coins.

Gear Refinement:
1) Buy Dragon Orb +12 from Sinless Emissary 1 HOF per 1 Orb.
2) Buy Mirages at the rate of 1 HOF per 100 Mirage

1) Talk to SSPW Gems in west city next to banker and you will find all basic gems sold for HOF and +4 Gems for HO

1) Each Nebula Dust Orb = 1 Sky Stone Fragment at Sinless Emissary
2) The Rest of materials are in Boutique - > S.Chart the price for all materials is 0.01 Game Gold for a pack of 100

Primal Stuff:
1) All are in Sinless Emissary and they are very cheap.

War Avatar:
1) You can buy 100x War Avatar Chest: S from Boutique.
2) You can buy 100x for 100 HOF at Sinless Emissary.
3) You can find the essences at Sinless Emissary 1x = 150x HOF.
4) You can find catalyst at Sinless Emissary.

Heaven Orb Fragment(HOF):
1) Talk to Sinless Emissary and take the quest Hell World. You get 50 for every 1 mob you kill.

Heaven Orb (HO):
1) Sinless Emissary and events like Nation Wars, Sunsetvally and custom events.