Starter Guide for Sinless PW - Forsaken Perfect World

Starter Guide for Sinless PW

Starter Guide for Sinless PW

1. Once you spawn and receive your free gifts. Open the Peripatetic Pill, that way you'll reach level 100.

2. Upon receiving level 100, start digging the little devils on the ground from the starting area in order to receive 10 Million Big Note You can receive 1-2 from 1 dig.

3. Once you aquire about x50 10 Million Big Notes Get yourself a flyer which you can buy from Boutique -> Flyer -> {Your class}
Note: Don't forget to vote and exchange your SVP to Game Gold or other useful in-game items,

4. Upon receiving a flyer, Use one of your fairies (Third Sage Fairy/ Third Demon Fairy) then fly to west archosaur (525, 666) and buy yourself books.
Skillbook Merchant - Magic; Wizard, Cleric, Psychic, Mystic, (Veno)mancer.
Skillbook Merchant - Power; (Blade)master, (Barb)arian, Seeker, Archer, Assas(Sin), DuskBlade, StormBringer.
After you receive your skillbooks assigned for the genie you used. Use the other genie and do the same thing, with different cultivation (Sage/Demon)
Once you're finished with your skills, fix your hotbar, by pressing R and opening up "Learned Skills"which you can do from User Panel -> Game Gold/Items/Character.

5. After learning skills you will then teleport to Thousands Streams and get your rank up to R8 from Commander-in-cheif (129,854) once receiving the R8 badge go to Ti Chien (129,855) and grab your r8 armor (wepon, Plate, Leggings, and Protection Belt)

6. After that, you're ready to move on. Start by locating Sinless Emissary (525, 661 West Archosaur) And take "Abyss Key" daily.
Quest Related -> Abyss Key (Red)
Once you take the quest, complete it by usually going to Momaganon (123, 860)
Finish few of the abyss key dailies in order to receive 300 Heaven Orb Fragments (HOF) and 10 EXP Boxes/daily (repeatable for 2hrs straight)

7. Meet the NPC Commander-in-chief, once you're near him, buy yourself 250 General Summer Token and 19 Medal of Glory from the Boutique (O)

8. Take 1000 Heaven Orb Fragments and make 100 EXP Boxes, Open them until you hit level 105
Once you're 105, meet the Master of Cycles NPC, which you can find at 564, 674 or 547 625 Archosaur.
Upon locating them, reawaken. You'll go from level 100 to 1 but with additional status points.

9. Once you're reawakened level 105 (rb1) do the same thing again but for 2nd reawakening. After that, locate the shiny chest at the top of your screen "Unique rewards" and claim everything by pressing "Okay"
Note: DO NOT FORGET "Complete Rawakening"
You will receive reawakening gears, which will be useful to you for ascending further.

10. Upon getting some EXP boxes and Heaven Orb Fragments. Start by opening all of the boxes until you reach level 101. Once you're level 101. Meet the NPC Commander-in-chief, once you're near him, buy yourself 250 General Summer Token and 19 Medal of Glory from the Boutique (O)

11. After you get yourself x250 GST (General Summer Token) and x19 MoG (Medal of Glory) Start by talking to the Commander-in-chief Quest Related -> Red quests. That way you'll get yourself Rank 9 1st cast gears.

12. Upon receiving your r9 1st cast gears, buy yourself 9 Summerwind Tokens from the Boutique (O) and talk to the same NPC Commander-in-chief-> Rank 9 Gear Upgrade.
Start by looking for your class designed gear by hovering over every gear until you find the one that suits you.

13. Upon upgrading your gears from Rank 9 1st cast to Rank 9 2nd cast, you're ready to upgrade it even further. Start by teleporting into Warsong City from the Illusion Stone that you can find at West Archosaur (529, 664), South Archosaur (563, 632), East Archosaur (575 665)
Once you're in Warsong City, run up to the hill and you'll see 1 NPC and 2 forges.
Buy yourself 210 Basic Badges, 4 Essence of Offense, 20 Essence of Defense
Talk to the Peerless Forge and look for the gear that's designed for your class.
Blademaster - Dervish
Wizard - Requiem
Barbarian - Hegemony
Venomancer - Etherwalker
Cleric - Divine
Archer - Firmament
Psychic - Apotheosis
Assassin - Adversity
Seeker - Samsara
Mystic - Reincarnation
Duskblade - Moonbeam
Stormbringer - Brightmoon
Upgrade your Rank 9 2nd Cast to Rank 9 3rd cast.

14. Once you aquire R9r3 gears, teleport to North Archosaur. Run up to the Boundless Forge (549, 675) and upgrade your Weapon ONLY to 4th and final cast.
You will need 100 Orichalcum Ingot and 500 Adamantine Power. Once you're done buying and upgrading. You're done upgrading, you're ready to move on to refines.

15. Find the closest Sinless Emissary and buy craft 60 Dragon Orb Flame and refine your gear.
After refining all of your gear, you're ready to do a little bit of farming and become the best. You'll learn alot on the way.
TIPS & TRICKS; You can buy Orichalcum, Sovereign's Seals, Seal of War (for Tome and other gear upgrades without using HOF - Heaven Orb Fragments)
Never forget to vote. Always check Sinless Emissary for the things you'll need (Titles, rings, capes, helmets, etc.) and Boutique (O)