Guide for Cursed Labyrinth - Forsaken Perfect World

Guide for Cursed Labyrinth

***Guide for Cursed Labyrinth***

1. At Illusion Stones scroll down in order to find "Cursed Labyrinth" teleport.

2. Once you're inside of *Cursed Labyrinth* you'll come across an ***NPC - Cursed Labyrinth Herald*** with a quest. Make sure to take the quest ***"Blue Diamond Legend"***

3. Once you took the *"Blue Diamond Legend"* quest, you'll be asked to find "Diamond Fragment (0/20) You'll have to run around the maze in order to find the correct diamond fragments, for the first stage's diamond fragments you'll have to go *385, 549 ↑3* near the door, you'll see shiny diamonds on the ground. ***THEY'RE VERY SMALL SO TAKE NOTICE***

4. Once you're done picking 20 1st stage Diamond Fragments, go back to the Cursed Labyrinth Herald at the start and talk to him. You'll be able to proceed to ***Chapter 2***.
You'll be teleported to Chapter 2 location, you'll have to talk to the NPC again and take the ***Chapter 2*** quest which tells you to gather "Diamond Fragments (0/30)" You can find them at *381, 538*
Once you gather those, go back to the NPC you talked to after you were teleported from 1st chapter.

5. Once you complete *Chapter 2* you can teleport towards **Chapter 3** so you'll have to do the same thing again (Talk to NPC - Go gather fragments - Go back to NPC of Chapter ~)
*Chapter 3* will ask you to find **40 Diamon Fragments** you can find 3rd Chapter Diamond Fragments at *417, 547*
Once you're finished with *Chapter 3* you can proceed to **Chapter 4**.

6. For *Chapter 4 Diamond Fragments* you can locate them at *400, 549*. You'll be asked to get 60 of them. Once you gathered all of them. Go back to the *Chapter 4 NPC* and turn in.
Now you'll get ***Kill the Invaders*** quest. You'll be asked to kill certain mobs which are certain locations of the map. You'll have to complete those quests for about ***6 times***. After you're done, you'll get a new quest called ***Game Over*** - You'll be asked to ***Kill 20 "I'm Boss and 8 "Kitty-Captain"*** mobs. Once you're done doing that - You'll have to go back to the *Chapter 4 NPC* and turn the quest in.
You'll receive ***10 Cursed Labyrinth Tokens and 1 Blue Diamond***. Go back to the *Chapter 1 NPC* and talk to him in order to be teleported to a shrine that has a portal in the middle. Once you stand on the teleport, you'll be teleported to a secret place where you'll get *Cursed Labyrinth Treasure*.
***NOTE: 1 Cursed Labyrinth Token = 1 Cursed Labyrinth Treasure***

**Things you need to know about CL (Cursed Labyrinth)**
• You're rewarded with an *untradeable "Blue Diamond"* which you can trade for **1.5k Hell Fragments** which are used for level 250 gear aswell as Hell Horn packs and end-game tome.

• CL is recommended for people with ***decent gears*** which are R9 sharded and refined, titles and atleast passives.

• CL is quite time consuming and the mobs are tanky aswell can kill a weaker person if you're not careful enough.

• CL can be done in a ***squad***. Advised for newer people who *don't read guides* to go with the people who are able to complete it.

• You'll receive *Teleport Stones* that you can use to be teleported to certain chapter depending on the stone.

• You can use Teleport Incense in order to be telported to the tree that teleports you to Chapter 4.