Gear tips - Forsaken Perfect World

Gear tips

Up to 150 follow the basic starter guide on Sinless website. Completing this will help you be ready to farm with r9.3 gear - r9.4 is also an option should you choose it. It is recommended that you stay at level 150 until you have farmed the items listed below.

VIP r8 gear can be obtained at 572, 663. (Cauldrons outside fac base). These are 5k Heaven orbs each piece.

Sinless Helm and cape can be equipped at level 150.

To craft the following pieces you will need:
Sinless Helm : 5k Hell orbs
Sinless Cape:
i.Make Supreme robe progression (at Sinless Emissary): 50K Heaven orb frags + 1k Big Notes + WOA cape
ii.Then make Supreme robe dominance 100K Heaven orb frags + 1k Big notes + Supreme robe progression
Sinless Robe: 5k Hell orbs + Sinless Robe Dominance (at Duke of Secrets)

A further 55 K Hell orbs will be needed for:
* Sinless gear set - wrist, chest, leggings, boots 5K Hell orbs each + VIP r8 molds (from decomposing the VIP r8 gear at 529, 662 )
* Rings- 10 k Hell orbs each + Ring mold (from decomposing cloud stir or sky cover)
* Belt 10 k Hell orbs
* Necklace 5k Hell orbs

Total Hell Orbs required 65K
Total Heaven Orbs required 20 K
Total Heaven Orbs frags for end game gear 150K

Seek advice from your faction about end-game sharding suitable for your class.